Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions:
All images are copyrighted (c) by Gold Feather Photography. Any use of these images without the prior consent of Gold Feather Photography is a violation of copyright law. This includes posing any image or part of an image to any social media site, like Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. Clients may post/use their photos provided to them through their PixieSet Album link for personal use only and may not be sold in any manner. Photos are not to be entered in any contests without prior permission from Gold Feather Photography and credit must be given to the photographer.

Privat Policy:
It is Gold Feather Photography’s top priority to protect the privacy of my viewers and clients. Any information collected on this business page is not shared, sold, or leased to any third party. I will work with my clients to protect any personal information or images that are not covered in these policies. We use a third party to process payments online. As such, we do not have access to any credit card information. Therefore, we do not maintain any database or other forms of the credit card information.
By using the Gold Feather Photography's website and Facebook page and/or downloading any content, you agree to be bound by and comply with the permitted use of this site as stated below. Gold Feather Photography reserves the right to change this agreement from time to time at its sole discretion, and your use of the site will be subject to the most current version posted on the site at the time of your use.

Refund Policy:
Gold Feather Photography maintains a strict no refund policy. If a scheduled photo session needs to be canceled due to weather conditions, the client will be given two alternative dates to pick to reschedule and complete their session. If an alternative date can not be agreed upon then the client will be offered a credit towards a future session equal to the same value as the originally purchased session. If the client does not show up the day of their scheduled session and does not contact Gold Feather Photography within a reasonable time then the session will be forfeited and no other reschedule dates will be provided. If the client needs to reschedule due to personal reasons, 1 additional date to reschedule will be provided and any additional attempts to reschedule will require a $50 rescheduled fee.

Permitted use of this site:
This website is owned and operated by Gold Feather Photography. All images, audio, video and, related informational materials in any medium furnished by Gold Feather Photography hereunder, including related text, captions, or information (collectively referred to as “Content”), is owned by Gold Feather Photography and is protected by US and international copyright laws, trade dress, moral rights, and other intellectual property rights. No portion or element of this page or its content may be copied or retransmitted via any means and all related rights shall remain the exclusive pro